Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Midnight Snack

Its midnight and Madam N just had a midnight snack. More like a meal. I never feed her this late at all but she fell asleep hours ago and skipped her dinner. She woke up alert and hungry :) So what was for dinner? It was honey baked ham, carrots, apples, grape juice and a cracker. A little too "heavy" as my parents would say but hey when you gotta eat, you gotta eat. She is so awake right now and will keep me up for a while now. Even before she peek a boo'd out into the world she tended to be a midnight baby.

Things that happened today (or yesterday)

She had her first real teleconference with the family. We are all hooked up on the super highway now and the quality of the live feed is soo good. We use to day dream about such technology in "the future" and it seemed so space age like. I'm so happy the net can bring us closer together.

Playdate - One of my best friends came by with her baby today and Madam N got to play with another lil rugrat for the first time! She loves kids but doesnt get the chance to play with any so this was a really great oppurtunity. Funny enough she was kind of stingy with the toys! I kept encouraging her to let her buddy play with her toy keys and ball (her play date has these same toys I think) but she kept wanting to snatch them back. Isn't it funny how so little they already have a clear notion of what belongs to them? It wasnt deliberate but still she knew they where her's and became more interested in them, only after someone else was playing with them.

Well shes dosing off now so maybe I will get some sleep afterall.

Good night.
~ Mami

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