Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Too Want A Doll!

I know its mostly a guy thing but I like pinup art. I just think it is beautiful and to me, it is a Barbie dress up game manifested in art. I have no artistic abilities and so I am left to admire stuff since I just don't know how to draw it. I don't think pinup art is sexist or degrading and yes, I guess it is more male fan based but there is a niche of us female fans too! Really, it is just the interpretation of the beauty of womanhood and who doesn't like looking at beautiful things? I mean, as little girls that is why most loved Barbie isnt it? "...that emblem of prepubescent girlhood and sometimes feminist hate figure."

When my sister and I "played" with our Barbies, it took me about an hour to set up my scenario. I would create a home for my Barbies using items from around the home and garden. For instance, I would pick tiny lemons from our lemon tree, tiny tomato looking seeds from our neighbor's plant, small red berries (which became apples to me) and also tiny onions from our backyard and these became groceries for my Barbie. I went as far as making little paper bags from real grocery bags to put these miniatures in. The best part -- they were real and Barbie sized!

I also filled up zip lock bags with water and created "water beds" (hello it was the 80's!) and even sewed clothes for my doll that resembled my mom's fashion dresses of the day. And lets not mention all the goodies I could borrow from my mom's dresser and home decorations that I could easily use in Barbie's home; little paintings became elegant wall size paintings, figurines became statues, oh gosh the list is endless.

So there it was. Everything was set and ready to start playing while my sister waited with great anticipation. Except, unfortunately for her, that rarely happened. You see, when I was finshed decorating and preparing, that was it! All of a sudden I had no further interest in the game . I hardly ever made it to visiting my little sister's Barbie home and actually playing with her.

I never planned it to be that way, I really had the intentions to play in the beginning but I guess the most entertaining part for me was setting up the pretty scenario.

Poor lil sis. She hated that so much. She would complain to mama and wise mama would make her feel better by saying something like, "Ay mija, don't mind her, she is of boyfriend age now!" For some reason, lil sis taunted me with that and made herself feel a lot better. I guess its because boys at that age were still yucky and eww, who the heck wanted a boyfriend? Not me!

Looking back now, I think that is why I like pinup art and how pretty models like Dita Von Teese and Masuimi Max look with some of those retro outfits. They remind me of beautiful Barbie dolls. A bit more risque of course. OK, way more risque but hey we are adults now.

So what is this entry all about? Well, today I found a collection of dolls that brought back Christmas memories from many years ago (around 1982/3). My sister and I stood in a Barbie isle at K-Mart, hypnotized by two beautiful Barbies and immediately hoped Santa Claus would bring these to us. For her, it was Tracy the Bride and for me, it was Pink and Pretty Christie

Years later I would ruin Tracy by convincing my sister I could totally give her a Gloria Estefan look with a haircut

Back to this entry...the beautiful doll collection I found by Integrity Toys is the Fashion Royalty collection and it is just amazing! Pinup meets Barbie like dolls but with more of a designer touch. The attention to detail, the couture-quality clothing,the accessories, WOW.

So here I am, in my thirties wanting dolls again. I may get Madam N one in particular for the future future future, it is afterall because of her that I came across this new goodie. For now, she has her age appropriate Barbie dolls waiting for her to grow up a little.

And now, here is the eye candy of the week :)

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Tania said...

Unlike you, I hated barbies! Could that have been the begining of my Bi years...i dunno..probably playing with my brothers did that to me.