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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Back!

I cant believe how fast time goes by. I have been so busy with my Princess I didnt realize how long ago since i last blogged. BUMMER! I should have kept noting things down for her to read in the future.

She has grown so much and reached so many milestones that i cant possibly note them all done but i will try and remember as many as I can and post them soon. I started reading books againa and my other "to do" is to blog again so here I am.

My Princess sleeps right now. She is 20 months old now and by November she will be 2! She no longer looks like a baby and I consider her a toddler, although she is such a little baby. Probably weighs no more than 22 pounds.

She has a list of words now and hopefully I can remember them all. Daddy and I want to start a list so this is a good time to do it I guess.

She looks like her papa more than me. She is beautiful and anything she wears makes her the cute little center of attention. Maybe all moms think the same way but I really feel she stands out sometimes. Maybe her exotic looks. Not quite sure people can tell what she is by looking at her.

She walks, runs, climbs and boy does she have a temper. But sweetness is always around the corner and she loves to kiss her parents. Maybe I can post some memoirs between her first year and now before more time goes by. for now, here is some of her vocabulary:

Good night
poo poo
pee pee
Big Bird
I See you!
Chi Chi and Booby (hahaha she points at mines so i had to teach her the word)
Dory (for Dora the Exploradora)
....i'll have to add more as I remember them :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Getting Her Ears Pierced - A Rite of Passage

Almost one year to the day from when we first caught a glimpse of our baby through the 4-D ultrasound, she goes through her first rite of passage...piercing.
I had been putting this off but the time has come to give her that little girl look. Gloria was the nice lady who performed this special rite. Ya no parece una bebe :( She no longer looks like a baby/infant.

Now she can bling bling on her birthday. We decided to record this momentous event so all her family could in a way be part of this moment.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Countdown Begins!

Happy 11 Month Birthday N!

Today you have entered your 12th month. OH my gosh how fast. To think that its one down and only seventeen more of these years to go before you are a legal adult. Gosh thats too little of time for me as your guardian if they all go this fast!

Well, I need to start planning your first birthday so we have a location thus far. A cottage by the beach. Now its just putting everything together. The weather better be ok!


Play Dates:
Lately, we have been attending many play dates. Today we went to MLK jr park to meet up with about 20-30 moms and babies. You surprised me when you crawled up the steps of a large play set all the way to the top! No steps at home so it was amazing to see you knew how to go up up and up. You smarty!

Bloody Hands!
Last week you killed your first bug :( I was taking a shower and you were waiting for your turn outside of the tub. I then saw you smear a tiny moth on the floor. You reminded me of the cats when they catch bugs :).

Hurting Mami
The other day you caused me to hurt my pinky toe...hard. It was PAINFUL and you saw me moaning and in pain. You started to cry with feelings of guilt I think, then you looked at me and smiled with tears in your eyes as you tried talking to me to make me feel better and I guess saying in your own words "ok, better mama? your ok no more pain?". But my pain was so much all i could do is tell you it was ok and it wasnt your fault but kept moaning and you started to cry again. It was so touching. I carried you and comforted you.

Your walking more and more now. Still crawling too but you attempt to get up and walk a lot now. You fall then you try again. Or you crawl instead.

You do this a LOT. You point to everything and babble. Sometimes I think I know what you want and other times I just name things to you.

You do this more and more now. If i bang something so do you. I try to blow kisses and you slap your mouth but thats as far as you go. I tried patty cake the other day and you clapped each time I said patty cake. Still gotta work on that. And the other day you saw a man clean his hands and you started to do the same too!

Speak No Evil
That is the one thing you still have not done - no real words yet. I hope you say something by next month. Mama or Dada. Other than that, you have pretty much reached all your first year's accomplishments and are ahead by a few months according to "What to Expect the First Year" :) I can't believe that even a few months ago I was scared that by the time I reached the last chapter you would be behind. I'm glad my fear from last year is behind now. Don't really know when it happened. One day I just realized it was gone.

I love you,

Friday, September 15, 2006

Your Walking!

Mamita, you started taking your first real official steps this evening. Daddy put you down in standing position and called you. And you took 3-4 steps towards him! We were so happy but pretended it was no big deal. He did it again, and again you took about 3 steps. So I've been practicing with you this evening and you keep doing it. You fall on your butt but youve lost the fear now and let go without as much hesitation as before. I'm so proud of you!


Friday, September 08, 2006


Well Princess, soon I will have to be watching your every move even closer. Last night you were able to climb up onto the futon several times. Granted you used your boppy pillow to give you some lift, but you now know the moves it takes to get up. Lifting your right little leg to the top and then pulling yourself up. It helps if mami is laying there so you can hold on to her pants while your doing it too :)

Last night you also slept well. That is two nights now in a row but last night was a really good night. You only woke up around 4 this morning. I felt you sit up. You do that sometimes, you just wake up and sit up and stay there dazed, probably wondering where the heck are you, its dark! I normally hug you right away and lay you back down. So I gave you your "baba" and changed your diaper and back to sleep you went.

You didnt use/cry for your pacifier this past night!

An hour later I heard a neighbor using their saw. How inconsiderate to work on their yard at 5am on a Friday! After daddy went to the gym around 6 I could no longer sleep and here I am, typing away. Come to realize that "saw" noise was coming from our kitchen? Could it be? As I got closer and closer to the fridge I realized the fridge was making the noise! GREAT! Now I know why daddy was going through the fridge before he left. The stupid thing is broke. I better go clean it and cook the frozen meats we have later today. I doubt we will get the darn thing replaced in time to avoid our food getting ruined.

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September Updates

Well we have entered Madam N's 11th month. Here is what's new:

  • Yesterday evening she started smacking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. After I noticed it, I would do it and she would immitate. This went on all evening. Cute.

  • She has been pointing for a few weeks now. She will point at her videos or things she sees.

  • One morning, when her dad and I were playing with her, we asked her to bring two toys to us from her toy shelf. Out of ALL her toys, she brought the correct ones to us in the right order!

  • She throws things and grunts (is that the right word?) - like if she were mad. Especially when she no longer wants to eat that item or, like yesterday when I would grab her sock and throw it on the carpet and make the noise, she would pick it up and do the same. So cute, she even makes a "mad" looking face when she grunts.

  • Today, we went to our first play group at the library. There were other mamas and babies. She liked it! I think I will do that every week from now on. Tomorrow we may go work out at the beach with the stroller in another mama group.

Hmmm, i know there are more updates, so I'll have to remember them and post them soon. For now, thats all folks!

Oh we went Halloween shopping today too. We bought Halloween decorations and i also got her some lilac fairy wings that will match her fairy skirt.

Just to dress her up and she can prance around our home with :)

I can't wait till Halloween. Its my baby's week! Her dad always wanted our baby to be born on Halloween and by coincidence she was born that week. We are decorating our place this year :) How fun.