Monday, July 10, 2006

1 Year Ago

Happy Birthday Madam K! One year ago today, little KBoo was born. I just can't believe how fast that went by. I still remember calling her mommy at the hospital late that night and hearing her little newborn cry in the background. I longed to have my baby in my arms too and it was sweet yet sad in a way to hear little K because I was just so sentimental a year ago exactly. I will always remember the day you were born KBoo!

A few months later, my beautiful baby arrived and I was so so happy to finally embrace my little one and hear that little newborn cry too.

So one year goes by and there is no return anymore. No more infant stage for little K. I just realized today how fast my little one's year is also going by and I really need to embrace these months even more.

Still, every time I look at her, I don't know how else I can hold on to these moments even more so! Its like eating your very favorite meal and you want to savor it slowly yet no matter how much you savor it you still can't get enough.

That is what my time is with Madam N right now. I can't get enough and I try and kiss her a million times a day because I know I will be looking at her baby pictures not too long from now and wishing I could hold that baby in my arms and kiss her as a baby again. But that will no longer be possible. I will have her as a toddler, but not as that new little dependent on mommy being. Already she is more independant each day :) Time goes by too fast. Too too fast.

Now I know why people have more than one baby! It is a way to hold on and always have a little one to give your love too. Babies are just so darn cute.

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