Friday, June 02, 2006

Shopping Cart Cover

I finished my 2nd cover and I Love it! It looks way better than my first prototype for Madam N. I hope Madam K likes it :) I made it with Hello Kitty print on the top and a hot pink print on the bottom for her.

I deviated from the original pattern (great home made pattern by the way at:
I used 2 layers of extra thick batting, omitted the leg flaps, used the quick release belt material for the toy loops, added a front pocket (in addition to the side ones also with loops) instead of the front toy loop and gave it a square pillow instead of two round ones. Looks like I'll be known for the cover gifts from now on :)

This other one with butterflys is my first prototype. I think the print is beautiful. I should have used more batting on this one so it wouldnt be as floppy and maintain its shape better like the Hello Kitty one.

I use it on high chairs, and shopping carts. I have not tried it on public swings yet but I know it will also work.


Tania said...

I thank you for this! ur very crafty woman!

Tania said...

I thank you for this! ur very crafty woman!

Misty Martin said...

I just did a search for shopping cart covers and found your wonderful blog and the forum post. As a virtual non-sewer myself, thank you so much for letting us know what a great job you did on your first cart cover!!!!

Carsons Inc. said...

I saw your post online regarding this cover and I thought I'd check it out. What a GREAT JOB!I love your first one. It's beautiful. I'd love to find out where you bought the fabric and what it's called (or maybe a description of it(type of fabric, type of design..etc..)). Thanks for the lead on that website. i want to make sooo much. I want ot make leather shoes for everyone for Christmas. We'll see!
Hollie Carson