Friday, June 09, 2006

My baby is growing up :(

Today, Madam N crawled to her baby car seat (the portable one we sit her in around the house), and sat in it and fell asleep all by herself! Considering it is only the 3rd time she has put herself to sleep since she was born, it was a surprise to see her A) sit herself in it and B) for the purpose of taking a nap. I had seen her trying to grab on to it and manuever herself in it this week but didnt think she would actually do it.

A couple of days ago, she was able to get out of it safely. She turned and did a backup and sit on the carpet maneuver. Now, I wonder if she finds comfort or some sort of attachment to her car seat. I mean it was the one item from home we first sat her in (while still in the hospital) the night we brought her home. Since then, we really havent used it much, other than our trip to Mexico last month. We use another one instead in our vehicle which feels more secure and less wobbly and so this one just kind of got stored in any corner of our apartment.

I brought it out this week because we are both sick and she has been very clingy and doesnt want me out of her sight. I figured I could sit her in it and she could fall asleep, seeing that I was nearby and wouldnt leave her. Now that it gives her another reason to feel more independent, I will definetely leave it out for her to sit in.

Other accomplishments that took place this past month:

This week she started cruising. She will crawl to the futton, get up and stay standing. Then, if I call her to the other end of the futon, she SLOWLY moves her feet side to side until she reaches me. A stumble here and there but she understands the coordination it takes to get from point A to B.

Last Wednesday (6/31/06), was when she made this leap from the carpet to her feet. She stood up and stayed up while holding on to the futon. She had been grabbing on to the railing of her crib and standing up for over 1 month and a half but would stumble down rather fast. Now, she stands up like its cool! I hope she starts bouncing to music in this position soon. That will be so cute.

Further back, around the week 6/7/06, she just sat up on her own without me even helping her learn this new trick. At first I wasnt sure if it was intentional but she sat up 2 more times that same night and I knew she had taught herself how to sit. Somehow, Madam N would push herself backwards (while on her tummy) but her feet wouldnt move. She would then use one of her legs to lift her butt up a tad so her legs could move forward and tada! The foot lever thing was cute. It looked painful the way she would sit up but I guess babies really are very flexible and acrobatic at times.

Just a couple of weeks after that new trick, she began crawling. Her papi credits himself for this since she started crawling during a play session with him. No credits for me who stays home with her all day! :) I have to admitt however, she gets excited a lot more with him and very playful. What a flirt.

I am so proud of her for sitting up and crawling in her sixth month. Just two days before, I had called her auntie and was worried my baby was no where near crawling (I was trying to find out how Madam K got started). A bit of a weird crawl at first (using that lever leg to push herself off the carpet while her other leg crawled). But now she crawls the typical way and this week started following us from one room to the other.

My baby is growing so fast now. Its sweet yet bitter. Only 7 months into her life and I can already say "remember when...". I picture how tiny and new to the world she seemed and its nostalgic. This week I realized that I see her as a toddler now and not an infant any longer. As a new parent you really don't realize how fast that infant stage goes away and by the time you get the hang of it, its over and time to move on and learn how to care for an exploring toddler.

I wish I could have enjoyed my pregnancy. I wish I could have prepared for our baby's arrival earlier than I did. I realize now that expecting is part of the infant stage. Buying baby things, sewing, crafting, preparing the nest, etc. all that time you spend doing these things combined with the first 6 months of a baby's life means you get a year+ of that stage. At least that is how I see it. And I knew it would be this way -- that I would want to go back in time and do things differently. Yet, I'm also realistic and know that my situation was as difficult as it can get and it would probably replay itself the same way over and over again no matter what I think or know now. I guess I just wish life hadnt played such a wicked game on me during the most important few months of my life. Some timing! Anyhow, I can't think about those months too much or it brings too many emotions to come about. So many.

For now I better enjoy every day, and yet I know tomorrow and the day after that I'll say the same thing..."I wish I could go back to a couple of months ago" or "A couple of years ago" and of course although my baby will always be my baby, she will always be growing up.

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Tania said...

Sandrita, we cannot forgoe our pasts, but we can always look foward to our futures.. as mothers and fathers we will always have our "I should've" moments...U and richard handled your situation the best that you two knew how..Don't get down on yourself!! I love you