Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well I've been away from this blog for a few weeks. Grandpa was in town at first, then Dad was off on vacation for a while so I've been focused on other things.

But its time to post updates on my princess...

She can bite now! On July 27th, Madam N's two bottom teeth cut through :) Only one week earlier, when her grandfather was here, did we notice that part of her gums was whitish (kind of like when your tongue turns white when eating too much salt) and in the middle was what looked like two little hallow/see through dots that got bigger and bigger.

As of yesterday, you can really see her teeth now, although still growing. We are so proud of her. She wasnt fussy or ran any fevers and so really gave us no alerts at all.

Solos - Last week, she started letting go for just a few seconds. Like she has gained the confidence to crawl up to something, stand up and then let go. Then BUMP she falls on her butt or grabs on again quickly. She is still very very wobbly and no free walking anywhere near yet, but shes getting there.

Kiss, "Muaaaaah" - I started teaching her last night to kiss. I would say kiss, then kiss her and exagerate my "muah's". After a few minutes I'd ask her to kiss me and she would lean over and open her mouth against my cheek. That was so nice! No noise or smack comes out of her yet, but i think she has the concept of kissing her mommy and daddy.

Clapping - As far as her clapping goes, this is the one thing I REALLY know she understands, the word I mean. If I say bravo, 80% of the time she knows to clap now. As soon as she see's her baby videos put on, or heck us starting up the dvd player, she gets soooo excited and claps. She claps all the time now!

Well that is just a quick update on some achievments. I really must write more often. Blessings :)


Tia Cheli said...

Bravo and Mua Madam M!
It's always such a great pleasure to read about you and through your mommy's words "see" you grow. Plus, I must confess that you also have a talking blogg. Your abuelita is forever keeping us updated on all your achievements!

P.S. Its in your genes to be a great kisser, sooo keep practicing mija. Hee hee ;)

Madam N's Mami said...

Mua to you too tia Cheli!