Monday, August 21, 2006

Bye-Bye's and Poo-Poo's

Madam N now knows how to wave bye bye. Finally, she really picked up on the concept this past weekend and will wave her right hand left to right when we say bye bye (most of the time). Her wave is very floppy looking and exagerated. But this is how I made my waves - so she could easily distinguish this movement and figure out how to mimick it (as oppossed to opening and closing my hand which I figured would be too hard for her to immitate.)

Its so cute. It is another set of words I know she understands for sure and its very exciting to see her "communicate" in what is considered one of the first baby sign language signs. I can see why parents teach this now; it is a faster way for babies to communicate vs. talking which is still far away. But still, I don't know/think we will jump the baby sign language bandwagon. I still think it may just delay talking since babies may get too comfortable with this form of communication and not feel the need to learn how to speak properly.

She has also been a bad baby and still poopin every now and then in her bath tub. Yes! It is gross! I have to rush her out because she starts playing/splashing with it, then wash everything in the tub with hot water. More work for me. I think she gets too relaxed in there. It has happened like 5 times now! How do I stop it? I havent even seen any other mommy's talk about this on any sites. I'll have to keep searching.

She takes off her diaper too if I let her so I have to keep undies and bloomers on her at all times. No poo so far when she rips her diaper off, so far...thank God!

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Anonymous said...

ewww!!! does it happen at the same time all the time, if so then that may be when she goes KaKa?! I think kyra did that a couple of times but that was in infancy stages!